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INITIAL CONSULTATION 90 minutes ($220)

For new Clients only
During your initial consultation we delve into various aspects of your health by examining your medical history, digestion, current medications and supplements. We might review recent blood test results and conduct a nutrition analysis. We also explore lifestyle aspects such as your sleep and exercise routines, stress, energy levels and mood. Together, we identify your health and well-being goals, and develop a personalised plan to support your journey. This plan may include nutritional recommendations, lifestyle adjustments and relaxation techniques, herbs and supplements or further diagnostic tests. Please note that any herbs, supplements, or tests recommended will incur additional costs and the decision to pursue them will be entirely up to you.

Once you have purchased your initial consultation, you will receive your intake form, which includes for example your health history and a nutrition and digestion diary as well as a stool chart. Ideally, this is returned to me at least 24 hours before your appointment to allow me to gather all required information and analyse your information. Please be as specific and honest as possible when filling out the form.


For existing clients only
We revisit your goals established during the initial consultation, the herbs and supplements that were recommended, while also identifying any challenges or changes in symptoms that may have arisen. Based on this review, we make adjustments or modifications to the goals in accordance with your current needs.


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