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Those who eat their meals quickly remain hungry and are at risk of constantly reaching for snacks throughout the day.

A study led by Kokkinos et al. (2010) from the University of Athens reveals that eating speed plays a role in satiety by affecting post-meal gut hormone responses. The volunteers consumed a 300 ml tub of ice cream in either 5 or 30 minutes during different sessions. The levels of different satiety hormones were measured over a period of 210 minutes. Participants who finished the ice cream in 5 minutes showed lower levels of the satiety hormone compared to those who took 30 minutes. The fast eaters also reported in the questionnaire that they did not feel satisfied, whereas the slow eaters reported a slightly higher feeling of fullness after the 30-minute meal. The results of the blood analysis confirmed the subjective perception of the individuals.

Therefore it can be assumed, those who consume their meals quickly might remain hungry and run the risk of snacking throughout the rest of the day.

However, slow eating not only makes you feel fuller but also enhances the enjoyment of food and reduces stress levels. So, take your time while eating and savor your meals!

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